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  • NBC新闻:数百人庆贺男孩被收养

    2020-02-27 所属栏目:NBC news

    Eight-year-old Nike could fill an album with family photos but these special moments of holidays and vacations are with a foster family. We got him when he was four. He showed up

  • NBC新闻:6岁女孩被送往精神机构

    2020-02-26 所属栏目:NBC news

    You're not no bad person. The edited body camera footage shows officers escorting a six-year-old girl out of school and to a nearby mental health facility where she would be

  • NBC新闻:美国6岁女孩不幸离世

    2020-02-24 所属栏目:NBC news

    Heartbreak tonight in Casey South Carolina. It is with extremely heavy hearts that we were announcing that we have found a body that the coroner has identified as Faye Swetlik. A

  • NBC新闻:5岁男孩遇火灾从容逃生

    2020-02-19 所属栏目:NBC news

    There's a new firefighter in town: five-year-old Noah Woods. Yeah I got burned, you got burned right here. Noah's family was asleep Sunday. His mom Tabitha awakened by th

  • NBC新闻:美国再出校车事故

    2020-02-17 所属栏目:NBC news

    It started like any other day. Kids on the ride to school. Until the moment no one saw coming. The violent impact of slamming students against the ceiling then pinning them in as

  • NBC新闻:美国东部出现特大冬季风暴

    2020-02-12 所属栏目:NBC news

    A week-long storm strengthened today, burying parts of New England and up to two feet of snow. Buffalo New York woke up this morning to icy conditions. The ice is the hardest par

  • NBC新闻:啤酒公司在酒瓶上印狗狗照片

    2020-02-01 所属栏目:NBC news

    Serving up the bow-wow Brewskis in North Dakota to help fidos in need find a new home. Who doesn't like dogs and beer? The folks at the Fargo Brewing Company have a soft spot

  • NBC新闻:美国6岁男孩结束化疗

    2020-02-01 所属栏目:NBC news

    Six-year-old John Oliver, J.O. for short, has always been a fighter. Fascinated with history, he loves dressing up as a world war II soldier, brave and strong. In real life he ne

  • NBC新闻:美国RSV感染患者激增

    2020-01-21 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight doctors on alert as hospitals around the country report a dramatic increase of RSV, a respiratory virus, especially serious in babies and older adults. It's not just

  • NBC新闻:波多黎各发生6.4级大地震

    2020-01-17 所属栏目:NBC news

    Terrified residents ran from stores and homes as a deadly earthquake rocked Puerto Rico. The ground shook at 4:30 this morning. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake. At a local Walmart ite

  • NBC新闻:女服务员获2020美元小费

    2020-01-14 所属栏目:NBC news

    At the Thunder Bay River restaurant in Alpena Michigan, one waitress was served a surprise. This doesn't happen to somebody like me. Danielle Franzoni had just finished servi

  • NBC新闻:美国现神秘无人机列队

    2020-01-10 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight a growing mystery in the night sky over Colorado. Fleets have unidentified drones reportedly flying in grid patterns, even spotted by law enforcement. I had what I believ

  • NBC新闻:美国出现超千例麻疹患者

    2020-01-08 所属栏目:NBC news

    Schools in Seattle are closed for winter break except for the one that's open for free vaccines. For me vaccinations is very important. The School District is hosting free im

  • NBC新闻:让人感动的圣诞精神

    2020-01-06 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight in Minneapolis after a devastating fire, gratitude. Makes my heart feel good to see these people out here. Those who've lost everything. Early Christmas morning a lux

  • NBC新闻:父母不配合失踪孩子调查

    2020-01-06 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight a grandmother's desperate plea. Show us the kids. Authorities said Que Vallow's grandchildren, Seven-year-old Joshua Vallow and 17 year old Tylee Ryan were last s

  • NBC新闻:失踪兄妹安全获救

    2019-12-30 所属栏目:NBC news

    It's the outcome a Jacksonville community hoped and prayed would come true. Missing six-year-old Braxton Williams and his five-year-old sister Bria found alive and safe. It&#

  • NBC新闻:亚马逊改变快递运输策略

    2019-12-26 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight Amazon is making a sudden change to your holiday shipping during the busiest time of the year. The company is no longer allowing third-party sellers to ship Amazon Prime

  • NBC新闻:纽敦镇橄榄球队时隔多年再拿冠军

    2019-12-25 所属栏目:NBC news

    It unfolded in dramatic fashion. With just seconds left the score tied, a 36 yard pass caught, making the Newtown Night Hops state champions. A big win on a day that carries too

  • NBC新闻:美国房地产公司发千万奖金

    2019-12-25 所属栏目:NBC news

    At the holiday party for St. John properties in Baltimore, employees were handed envelopes like the ones you see at the oscars. And now you can open your red envelopes. But this

  • NBC新闻:智利载有38名乘客飞机失联

    2019-12-19 所属栏目:NBC news

    The missing plane is a 40 year old Chilean Air Force C-130 believed to have gone down in the icy waters between South America and Antarctica. Commanders say the plane left Punta

  • NBC新闻:11岁女孩遇见救命恩人

    2019-12-18 所属栏目:NBC news

    What a championship year for hockey superfan Leila Anderson! Battling a life-threatening autoimmune disease, the 11 year old became the St. Louis Blues inspiration. As the team w

  • NBC新闻:假日季商家设法吸引顾客

    2019-12-16 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tis the season to get customers into stores and keep them there. To compete with the convenience of online shopping many businesses are changing the in-store experience. Lots of

  • NBC新闻:阿尔巴尼亚发生重大地震

    2019-12-16 所属栏目:NBC news

    This eleven-year-old boy had been sleeping when the quake struck at 4:00 a.m.. His legs trapped under the rubble. Rescuers today were eventually able to free him. He survived bec

  • NBC新闻:这种长叶莴苣可能致命

    2019-12-11 所属栏目:NBC news

    With just one day to go before Thanksgiving, a warning. Your romaine Lettuce could be deadly. The CDC urging Consumers to throw away any romaine Grown in California Salinas Valle

  • NBC新闻:公车司机开车喝酒面临指控

    2019-12-09 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight it's the video showing an Illinois woman buying a couple beers, which would be fine if it wasn't followed by this. A camera on board a school bus capturing driver

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